Friday, November 06, 2009

Our clueless C in C

by Clarice Feldman - November 5th, 2009 - American Thinker

Twelve soldiers were murdered in cold blood at Fort Hood, Texas. Thirty others were wounded. Our Commander in Chief calls a press conference and begins it with a long thanks to the Department of the Interior and Native Americans who just concluded a conference and then gives a good natured "shout out" to an attendee , all with a studied nonchalance, before he even mentions the outrage on our military base.

Even within his words though, he made sure you understood what was important. Not the victims. It was how it impacted poor Obama. Who else but Barack Obama could slip the following sentence about himself into an expression of concern for others.

I want all of you to know that as Commander in Chief, that there's no greater honor, but no greater responsibility for me (emphasis his) than to make sure that the extraordinary men and women in uniform are properly cared for...

No President in history ever used as many "I"s and "me"s in his speeches as our Narcissist in Chief, the Magic Marxist Messiah.

You will not see the video of the whole news conference on TV, as all the MSM are editing it to make Obama look more Presidential by clipping out the Indian part and the ego part. But you can see his entire press conference by clicking on the link to the YouTube original. Don't throw anything at the tube though. Obama is not worth the cost.



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