Sunday, November 01, 2009

Whiner In Chief

Obama blames Bush for every ill

Jeffrey T. Kuhner - November 1st, 2009 - Washington Times

... Mr. Obama is the most radical president in U.S. history, whose socialist policies are fracturing the country along ideological, racial and class lines. He is a dogmatic divider. The angry town-hall meetings, the "tea party" protests and his dwindling poll numbers are not because of Mr. Bush. Rather, they are the direct result of Mr. Obama's big-government liberalism.

The president predicted that the $787 billion fiscal stimulus would save or create more than 3 million jobs. He stressed that it would keep the unemployment rate from surpassing 8 percent; it is now at 9.8 percent - and climbing. His failed stimulus package is his responsibility, not that of his predecessor.

In 2009 alone, Mr. Obama has racked up a $1.4 trillion budget deficit - the largest in U.S. history. Over the next decade, the national debt will triple, burying America under a mountain of red ink. The results will be devastating: soaring interest rates, skyrocketing inflation, a plummeting dollar and eventual bankruptcy.

"Mr. Obama is the most radical president in U.S. history."

That single quote makes this article by Jeffrey Kuhner an important article. Barack Obama was never fit to be President of the United States of America because he attended a church for twenty years that was composed of blacks who hate and despise the nation we live in. How does hating a nation make you a fit leader of that nation? How can so many people vote for a man who has clearly indicated in word and deed that he despises them? How can they ignore his radical agenda?

Every single person who expresses opposition to Obama is added to his enemies list. Republicans? Okay. TEA Party attendees? They have left the Republican Party, so why are they his enemies? Wall Street? Their management and rank and file supported Obama overwhelmingly in the last election. Who can govern effectively when they demand obsequious support - in a democracy? Only in a dictatorship can such subservient behavior be required. Is that what Obama expects? He is dictator? Or is he as Kuhner calls him, just a whiner.

The plunging popularity in the polls suggest either may be right, but it simply flabbergasts me that so many people still insist that they like and trust Obama, even when they disagree with him. I don't trust him. I don't like him. Before his Presidency is over, we are going to find out whether America can remain free or is destined for the only next stage that all democracies experience. Dictatorship. It is historically the standard result.

What is that famous old quote about remembering history?


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