Monday, October 26, 2009

Violence Never Blah Blah Blah

by Dean Stephens - October 26th, 2009

I am sure most people have heard the famous old cliche, "Violence never solved anything." Mom's repeat it when they are trying to get their children to behave. Usually when one of their little darlings is pounding on someone else and has caused a bloody nose. The winner is punished and the loser consoled. You just know that the kid who won, learns the wrong lesson from this repeated cliche. The lesson learned is usually to make sure the loser can't prove who did it next time. That is unfortunately why the powerful often hide their use of power. It doesn't stop them from using power to get their way. It just creates a habit of deceit learned as a lesson from their childhood. Do you think Bernard Madoff did not learn this lesson of deceit early?

It affects nations as well. Some nations are proud of being pacifists. However the pacifist nation better not have any national wealth that exceeds their power to resist, or they are simply the first ones who are conquered by the nations that practice war. Violence, raw and pure, has settled almost every major conflict in mankind's history. It still does not matter how much those who yearn for peace argue otherwise.

History is written by the conqueror. Sometimes, to reduce future conflict, the powerful will make a pretense of hating war. Enjoying the wealth that has been attained tends to make the strong weaker over time. Therefore the tendency to see books written by the formerly strong advocating policies that mean they would never have conquered others can mislead. Such drivel has little real world meaning.

Two nations formed in conflict are perfect examples today of the strong getting weaker over time.

Because it is not quite so close to home, lets look at Israel first. Israel is slowly losing the war against Islam. More and more of the people in Israel are wishing that the Muslims would leave them alone in peace. They long for peace. As a result there are a number of peace movements in Israel that are attempting to persuade the rest of Israel to surrender something to gain peace. Peace is their goal and they will surely get it.

They will get it as a result of the victory of Islam over Israel. The reason is because Islamic enemies of the Jews are not seeking peace. They are seeking victory. Their religion is based on jihad against all infidels, but most especially Jews. The victory of Mohammad over the Jews of Medina is a major and glorious part of their history. Even as Muslim countries suffer abject poverty today, in spite of the immense oil wealth they squander, they blame the Jews. Defeat of the Jews will bring them wealth and power - in their minds. Their history says this and it is taught every day in the Muslim schools.

The Jews in Israel have never set up to denounce the idiocy being taught. They don't want to alienate Islam, they say. Yet with every military victory more and more Israelis tire of the never ending conflict and they yearn for peace. With every generation, the Islamic enemy becomes more adept at weakening Israel. The trend is clear. Israel is losing this war and it will end in the elimination of Israel. Those who want peace will get it. Those who want victory will get it.

America was formed as a nation by a small minority who pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to the attainment of liberty. The revolution was never actively supported by more than a tiny minority of the people in America. However they were the ones who had launched the war and they had to attain victory or they would lose everything. It is still amazing that the fairly small transgressions of the civilized British, even with an arrogant King, should have triggered the American Revolution. The conditions that brought it about had rarely existed before. A new continent, not ruled by any significant power, at a time of population pressure in Europe, sent waves of immigrants to seek a better life. They found it in a world that was wild and free for those who were willing to fight for it.

That is what the British misunderstood. The King made decisions expecting them to be perceived by a people who lived in British villages, with an orderly life, local sheriffs who kept the peace and little experience with fighting for freedom or self reliance. He sent soldiers to enforce his will in a nation with a scattered population, who rarely saw anyone in power, and thus had little respect for it. They fought to feed themselves. They fought to build lives in a wilderness. These were people who fought the Indians themselves, rarely relying on waiting for the British soldiers to arrive, except in the largest Indian wars.

No surprise, this nation, with small help from the French, defeated the greatest military power on earth, because the price to win was made too great. It was the will to victory, with leadership of great integrity, which fostered the American Nation's view of itself. We were willing to fight to be left alone. Though we played around with the usual paying of ransom to the Muslim nations in our earliest days, it finally became clear that the only way to be free was to defeat them. Now we are learning victory is not permanent. Once again it is Islamo fascism with its lust for subjugating others that is one of our main enemies. However it is not clear we still demand victory. It is not clear we are willing to fight for it.

However this time Islamo fascism is not the only enemy. We are also being challenged by global socialists and la razan supremacists. We are losing to all three. Every decade Spanish is becoming more common as the la razan supremacists invade our country in a stealth process that is destroying our culture. They claim they are here for jobs but privately brag they are taking over parts of our nation. They are. Every decade the global socialists take over another of our institutions and spread their tyranny of big government. They have dominated our schools for two generations. Nothing has been done to resist.

And still, with these two examples to waken us from our stupor, we welcome Islamic immigrants to our shores and allow them to start subverting our religious heritage. There is little sign we will not lose this war as well.

What nation or culture can allow three subversive elements to wage war against it and still survive without openly fighting for a clear and decisive victory. We have been persuaded that we must be tolerant and in our tolerance we have sowed the seeds of our own destruction. Despite being attacked from without, it has taken less than 8 years for the "violence never solved anything" crowd to sap our will to win in the middle east. We have barely won in Iraq. We are not winning in Afghanistan. Islamo fascism is only marginally less of a threat than when they took down the twin towers. Yet many of our people are tired of the loses and want to end the war.

We yearn for peace, not victory. We will get peace. The peace of being enslaved by those who seek victory.

The only questions? How soon will we realize we have lost and the cost for our children of that disaster?


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