Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Houston Tea Party Rally
Draws More Than 10,000

by Peggy O'Hare - November 3rd, 2009 - Houston Chronicle

“This isn't about ‘I can't stand Barack Obama' — this is about ‘I can't stand a government that will tread on me,' ” said Houston radio talk show host and TV anchor Joe “Pags” Pagliarulo to a rousing burst of applause from the audience.

“Taxes are going up because we have to pay for health care for people who are here illegally,” Pagliarulo said. “We have to pay for health care for people who don't want health care ... We've got a government that's run amok — we've got a government that doesn't care about you or me. It cares about power, it cares about control.”

It is ironic that our national press will not show up for rallies like the one in Houston. Nor will they cover it. They used to cover protests for the left where only a dozen people showed up. Yet a million people in Washington DC is reported as only 75,000, when no one with a brain could look at the crowd and honestly believe that it was that small. 10,000 show up in Houston, with turnstiles to confirm the number, and the press act like it is not an important event.

The MSM has become the enemy of the man on the street.


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