Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Candidate Of The Left

Updated article orinally posted 11/4/2008

by David Horowitz - November 4th, 2009 - Front Page Magazine

For his entire adult life, Obama’s closest political allies have been pro-Soviet progressives like state senator Alice Palmer who chose Obama as the politically appropriate figure whom she chose to inherit her state senate seat; or anti-American radicals like Bill Ayers, who organized a terrorist army in the 1970s with the intention of launching a race war in America, and bringing down the “empire.” Others may be under the illusion that the Weather Underground was organized to protest the Vietnam War. But you know better. Ayers and his comrades were still bombing during the year of America’s bicentennial, 1976, and into the Jimmy Carter administration. They were still in the trenches four years after our withdrawal from Vietnam, because their agenda was a war to destroy the imperial beast, America.

I am continuously frustrated at the incompetence with which Americans have researched Barack Hussein Obama. This is not an incompetence which confines itself to either the left (Obama's supporters) or the right (Obama's enemies). For some reason neither side is willing to do the work necessary to understand Obama. On the right, Horowitz has done a better job than most. Yet I constantly run in to people on the right who insist that Horowitz is over stating the case. That as bad as Obama is, he is not THAT bad.

He is.

I cannot fathom why the soft spoken Obama continues to get away with the most egregious lies for no obvious reason other than his soft spoken demeanor. He seems to have learned an important lesson. As long as you take both sides of any issue, ramble around and confuse the issue, while expressing the issues with an appearance of moderation and intelligence, you can have almost any actual position you wish and most will be gulled into thinking you agree with them. How can such a duplicitous facade not become cause for distrust and disgust? How does he continue to get away with it? Have Americans truly lost the common sense on which our nation was built?

I am very afraid the answer is yes. After two generations of war on our culture, a very large percentage of Americans cannot think for themselves. They have become so politically correct that they are easily led. I can think of no other reason that would explain how 20% of self identified Republicans still think Obama is a good person. His polls say his intentions are good. That is 20% of Republicans! If one out of every five Republicans is so easily deceived, it scares me to even ask the question, can we survive this charlatan?

The thoughts expressed here in Victor Davis Hanson's interview with Jamie Glazov support this same theme.


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