Saturday, November 07, 2009

Introspection, Not Rationalization,
Needed In Wake Of
Fort Hood Slaughter

Editorial - November 7th, 2009 - The Investigative Project on Terrorism

A picture of Nidal Malik Hasan is emerging from the slaughter he carried out Thursday during a ceremony at a Fort Hood readiness center, leaving 13 people dead and another 30 wounded.

Born in Virginia, sent to medical school by the U.S. Army, the psychiatrist was chastised for proselytizing to his patients about Islam. Asked his nationality, he didn't identify himself as an American but as a Palestinian. He appeared pleased by the shooting death of a Little Rock Army recruiter in June and reportedly was heard saying "maybe people should strap bombs on themselves and go to Times Square."

Despite the refusal by the MSM to publicize the details of these constant attacks, the American people are aware that Muslims continue to attack us right here in our own nation. Islam is not a religion of peace. Leading Islamic organizations are constantly trying to blur the reasons for these attacks, blaming America instead, to keep the American people from getting upset at Musliums. Yet they do little in the Islamic community to end the hate which drives the attacks.

This is the third such attack this year that has been planned. The gutless foreign policy of President Barack Obama is emboldening our enemies. The Islamic fascists are on the move and it will only result in more American deaths.


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