Sunday, January 31, 2010

Degenerate Democracy

by Mark W Hendrickson - January 31st, 2010 - American Thinker

The 19th-century poet Walt Whitman articulated the essence of America's democratic ideal thusly: "... government can do little positive good to the people, [but] it may do an immense deal of harm. And here is where the beauty of the Democratic principle comes in. Democracy would prevent all this harm. It would have no man's benefit achieved at the expense of his neighbors ... this one single rule, rationally construed and applied, is enough to form the starting point of all that is necessary in government; to make no more laws than those useful for preventing a man or body of men from infringing on the rights of other men." [Emphases in original.]

The founding fathers would concur heartily with Whitman's sentiment. Whitman described exactly the kind of polity that the founders desired to establish -- one in which every American, rich or poor, would be equally secure in the enjoyment of his God-given rights and safe from any power that would trespass on them.

To protect individual rights, the founders established a constitutional republic, not a democracy.

How have we arrived at the point where our citizens believe the delusion that democracy is good? How have we arrived at the point where our citizens believe that America is a democracy? They believe that freedom comes from the very source of the corruption destroying that very same freedom. Bizarre! Because it must be realized that in the name of democracy individual freedom is being destroyed in our nation. Democracy is evil. It is no different than the term used in this article, mobocracy. Yet the majority of our citizens brag about the evil they are committing by proclaiming their acts the acts of democracy and thus they see them as good in their delusion. They destroy the rights of others with pride in their tyrannical acts.

What I forsee is that blood will flow as it always flows in the death of our form of republic. The death will bring a return to the standard tyranny that mankind has experienced during most of its existence. We had the greatest freedom in history and we are throwing it away because our citizens do not understand what we had or why it worked. The more democratic we become the more evil we become.

As Mark Hendrickson says "The rule of law lies in tatters." With it freedom will lie in tatters as well.


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