Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It’s the Enemy, Stupid

by Andrew C. McCarthy - January 20th, 2010 - National Review Online

One of the great frustrations of the Bush years was the fact that the administration had strong national-defense and counterterrorism policies that it shied away from defending. On enhanced-interrogation tactics, for example, President Bush’s position resonates with most Americans: When the nation is under siege, nothing is more important than getting life-saving intelligence. And, particularly when we are dealing with terrorists who are trained to resist interrogation and exploit our legal system, we must aggressively interrogate them and keep them out of our legal system. The opposing position, espoused most prominently by Sen. John McCain, was counterfactual and incoherent. Senator McCain pronounced both that enhanced interrogation (which he called “torture”) never works (which is patently untrue) and that an interrogator might at most use it in a ticking-bomb situation (the last situation in which you’d want to use it if, in fact, it never works).

Thank you. A writer with common sense. The Islamo fascist enemy is aligning itself with our other natural enemies, global socialists and La Razanist invaders. They demand we surrender without a fight. Yet Obama and the Democrats don't get that. They are gutting our national defense in aid of these same enemies. Those who are afraid to fight against what this writer calls the Beltway bubble are going to lose. Americans want to be free. Having our government assist our enemies through extending them Constitutional rights is not reasonable and will not play, anywhere but among the socialists and their lap dog press.

If the Republican Party had not become gutless, the TEA Party movement would have never gotten going. This movement bypassed both parties and became powerful over the rightness of defending our land and the rightness of not spending our children into poverty. Republicans were confused and fearful of what positions to take and squandered the control they were given.

As the article notes, health care is not the key issue, no matter that it is important. Defeating the enemy trying to kill us is the key issue!


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