Friday, January 22, 2010

The Coming
Democrat Counteroffensive

by Steve McCann - January 20th, 2010 - American Thinker

At this point in January 2010, the tenuous, multi-faceted coalition that makes up the grassroots resistance to the radical Obama agenda comprises those opposed to illegal immigration, amnesty, excessive government spending, abortion, gay marriage, taxes, gun control, heath care reform, free trade, foreign entanglements, Wall Street, and those who desire to see every Republican politician hanged. Each group expects the other to agree fully with its signature issue.

It is for that reason that the Left treats the conservative movement with such disdain, knowing full well that this coalition has a potential internal time bomb which can explode prior to any major election. All the Democrats have to do is light the fuse.

I look at the stupidity of the George W. Bush "compassionate conservative" wing of the Republican Party and I am distressed at the potential disaster our nation faces. These extreme big government liberals constantly harangue libertarians and fiscal conservatives about how they are RINOs and should leave the party. Then they wonder why their candidates get defeated.

Interestingly, I am one of those who is trying to spread greater understanding that Wall Street is not the friend of Republicans because it has abandoned capitalism. Yet there is a huge element in the Republican Party that goes ballistic at any thought that Wall Street is not capitalism and that attacking Wall Street is not blasphemy.

Everything in the article is not correct, but it is certainly right about one thing. The Democrats are going to counter attack, and based on history, the conservative coalition will fracture and fold.


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