Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The Fallacy Of "Fairness"

by Thomas Sowell - February 9th, 2010 - Townhall.com

Some years ago, for example, there was a big outcry that various mental tests used for college admissions or for employment were biased and "unfair" to many individuals or groups. Fortunately there was one voice of sanity-- David Riesman, I believe-- who said: "The tests are not unfair. LIFE is unfair and the tests measure the results."

This is a magnificent explanation of the problems with the "fairness doctrine" of the progressive movement. Yet as intelligent as this analysis is, only those who already understand the point will accept it. Far too many people in life want to believe that if they don't get what they want it is not fair. They cling to that belief in direct opposition to all evidence that no one has committed some evil act to deny them their just place in the universe. That is called delusion. What is not delusion is the hate they feel for the scapegoats they find to blame for their problems.


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