Monday, February 01, 2010

Free James O'Keefe

by Ben Stein - February 1st, 2010 - American Spectator

During the last Presidential election, a gang of men calling themselves Black Panthers showed up at a polling place in Michigan. They threatened any voter who did not vote for Barack Obama. This was witnessed and documented.


A few days ago, four young conservatives posed as telephone repairmen and entered the branch office of Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana in New Orleans. Their goal was to check to see if the phone system in the office was working. The men, under the leadership of a young media impresario named James O'Keefe, were querying why constituents of Sen. Landrieu had been unable to register negative feelings about Obamacare on the Senator's phone line. They had been told that perhaps the phones were out of order.

Two cases, one covered up and not prosecuted by Obama and one in which the full powers of the federal government are being used to persecute the political opponents of the President.

This is what America has become today. There was a time when even Democrats would rise up in outrage if our government acted as it has acted in these two cases. Yet today, the people of America, both left and right, seem to have become tolerant of government abuse.

Stein end's his article with the belief that "We are not afraid. And we're not going away." I wish I was certain that the majority of our nation still felt that way.


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