Saturday, April 17, 2010

‘No Fly’ Foul As
Girl, 6, Put On List

by Richard Weir - April 17th, 2010 - Boston Herald

Meet America’s tiniest terrorist: 6-year-old Allison Mosher, who’s landed on the nation’s No Fly List alongside mad bombers and other villainous thugs in a mind-boggling snafu that could scuttle her family’s Grand Canyon vacation, her outraged dad says.

“It’s flabbergasting,” Peter Mosher, 41, a software engineer from the Worcester area, told the Herald, recounting his pitched battle yesterday to clear his daughter’s name so they can catch their 6:10 a.m. United Airlines flight this morning at Logan International Airport.

No. It is not flabbergasting. It is typical. Government bureaucracies work just like this. These are the same people that Barack Hussein Obama wants to put in charge of your health care. These are the same people that Adolf Hitler put in charge of his final solution for Jews.

Government bureaucrats are mind numbingly stupid, technical, and indifferent. Often the results are greater tyranny than if they were intentionally evil. They are instead, evil by result rather than intent. If their actions screw up your life, or even take your life, they could not care less. They have the power. Therefore it is your job to shut up and deal with the results. It is not their problem. They followed the rules.

However you better not insult them by calling them fascist goons. For that you will go to jail.


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