Sunday, June 20, 2010

Obama Administration Only Accepted
Help From 5 Countries

... Out Of 28 That Offered Assistance

Even worse, they only accepted 5 of 56 separate offers of assistance. So even when a country was allowed to help - Obama restricted what help they could provide.

It took Obama 60 days to accept most of the limited help he approved. Click on the title above to see details of the offers including specifics of the ones ignored or rejected.

One assistance rejected was the offer of an extremely effective high speed oil separation system. It left minor amounts of oil in the water that did not meet the high standards Obama demanded. So 99% of the oil that could have been removed flowed into wetlands because we could not allow 1% of the oil to bypass the removal system. Let's see? 1% versus 99% damages the wetlands. Anybody reading this have a problem making that common sense decision? The reason that other countries use this system is that it is so much faster at separating the oil than the perfect systems approved by USA government bureaucrats. As a result more oil is removed in an emergency situation. I guess Obama just doesn't see this as an emergency.

Obama is still blocking things - such as his stupid restrictions banning the barges that were sucking up oil, not because the barges did not have enough life vests, but because they did not have documentation that proved they had enough life vests. For three days oil damaged the coastline waiting for the approvals. Ultimately no inspections were done and no paperword was required. Sorry! The Army Corps of Engineers took 45 days to decide that building sand berms to absorb the oil might do less environmental damage than having the oil flow into the coastal wetlands without restriction. Sorry!

Obama has no common sense. He runs a government whose bureacrats have abandoned common sense. That must be what a community organizer learns how to do. Just can't have government allow help to move forward unless it is the right kind of help and the right people get credit for making sure that the right rules are followed. Does that make sense to you?


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