Monday, July 19, 2010

The NAACP Awards Racism

Video Proof

by Andrew Breitbart - July 19th, 2010 -

In this piece you will see video evidence of racism coming from a federal appointee and NAACP award recipient and in another clip from the same event a perfect rationalization for why the Tea Party needs to exist.

Barack Obama and the excessive number of black appointees that he has made to federal positions are starting a race war against whites in America. This article provides video proof of that amazing accusation.

Though blacks are only 12% of America's population, the percentage of Obama appointees who are black is approaching 40%. As the second video in this article prove, they are out actively soliciting blacks to apply for federal jobs under the premise that "they can never be fired" even if Obama stops being President. Their goal is clearly a society where blacks are immune from fair play and able to discriminate against whites.

This Obama appointee publicly brags about refusing to aid a white farmer. Instead she recommends that he find a white lawyer, "one of his own kind", to help him.

This is real folks. Despite the attempt to claim that the TEA parties are racists (a lie), the racists are Obama and his group of socialists who are "fundamentally changing" America.

Update 7/20/2010 - It has been announced today that the lady in question, Shirley Sherrod, has been forced to resign. We used to call that firing. However I guess Obama just cannot bring himself to fire "one of his own kind". So he uses the fiction that Ms. Sherrod quit on her own volition. Even though Ms. Sherrod insists the entire incident was taken out of context, you can watch for yourself and visualize what kind of context was meant by "one of his own kind", including the laughter it provokes from the black audience. Sherrod blames Fox News and Andrew Breitbart for slandering her. She claims she was trying to explain why blacks should not care about racism, yet even in her explanation she insists, "it is about black versus white".

What was ignored in the termination announcement from the White House or the Department of Agriculture was any information about the financial windfall that Ms Sherrod just received from the USDA. It seems there has been a settlement which will award a group Ms. Sherrod is part of, $13 million for trying to farm during the 1980s. Note that is trying to farm, not farming. You can find details of this cover up here.

It is part of a major plan by Obama to award another billion dollars to black farmers, having already given them a billion dollars previously.


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