Thursday, October 28, 2010

Obstructionism Reaps Its Reward

by Patrick J. Buchanan - October 28th, 2010 - World Net Daily

Both parties have lost the mandate of heaven, and neither knows if its economic philosophy even works anymore.

We are in uncharted waters. The country is up for grabs.

Patrick Buchanan is not a politician I agree with on most issues. However he keeps writing articles that accurately summarize our history and accurately summarize our current condition. So as a writer, I admire him. This time he does not propose a solution. He simply ends his article criticizing Republican obstructionism and Democrat socialism with the rather hopeless words shown above.

I have some thoughts on the reason his first sentence is right. Neither party knows if its economic philosophy works anymore because both have been corrupted by Wall Street to modify their conventional thinking to embrace government loans, bailouts, special interest legislation, earmarks that are nothing but payoffs for bribes and excessive federal regulation designed to crush small business so only big corporations can afford to exist. The corruption is unbelievable. Both parties have been so intertwined in the corruption that they cannot break free of it.

It saddens me that Buchanan seems to have given up proposing any solutions. He is not shy. That even Buchanan has recognized we are in uncharted waters is scary since neither the Democrats or the Republicans have even gotten that far. They are still busy conducting business as usual.

The horrible pro-socialist legislation passed during the first two years of Obama's administration should be repealed, but Wall Street and K-Street are already lining up to assure that no political will can be found to allow that to happen. The alignment of interests of the two most corrupt groups in America is frightening. And our representatives continue to sell us out.


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