Thursday, November 18, 2010

Government Gestapo Goons
Are Our Future

America has long since started down the slippery slope to totalitarian abuse by Government Gestapo Goons (the GGG) who abuse laws to torment the citizenry. Every day brings new stories of the abuse inflicted on citizens by the out of control GGG. The scale of this abuse, and the arrogance gets worse by the hour.

As examples two, articles from today display the GGG in their self righteous idiocy to perfection.

Cops bust seven men playing chess in upper Manhattan park
Yacahuda "Y.A." Harrison, 49, one of those chess aficionados, said he saw those signs months ago and "asked the [Parks] ranger if we had permission to be there."

"The ranger said, 'Oh no, that's fine, that's only written for pedophiles.' "

Since then, he said, parents have welcomed him and the other players -- and even had their kids take chess lessons from them.

"The day we got picked up, there were no kids" in the playground, he said. "They treated us like drug dealers. All we were doing was playing chess."

Man arrested after punching TSA screener in Indy
It is not completely clear from the police report why Christina punched TSA agent Gregory J. Hutman, 28, Vandalia, Ohio... He had already stood and been scanned in a full-body advanced imaging machine before the incident...

Christina said he has a history of medical issues, including two metal implants, a colostomy bag and a fused right wrist...

When Hutman asked why Christina [lightly] hit him, Christina said, "I was only kidding with you," according to the report.

What is clear is that these GGG take themselves and their duties way too seriously. There is no one in authority who cares about citizens or cares about limiting the GGG ability to jerk citizens around. Thin skinned and snotty, these bureaucrats demand a docile and subservient tone or they strike back with vengeance. When did America become a country where abuse by bureaucrats is more of a problem than fear of crime?

One positive sign for limiting the power of the TSA "perverts" is documented in this article:
TSA Hit With Lawsuits As Revolt Explodes

Hopefully our courts will start to rein in these GGG before our culture of freedom is destroyed. It is encouraging to see that at least some of our citizens will not go down without a fight.


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