Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Paranoid Style In Liberal Politics

The left’s obsession with the Koch brothers

by Matthew Continetti - April 4th, 2011 (Publication date) - The Weekly Standard

By the time the Tea Party was getting started in 2009, the left-wing counter-counter-establishment was a juggernaut, investing vast energy in destroying the reputations of its favorite targets: Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Rush Limbaugh...

What happened to the Kochs was a classic example.

The United States is currently in a war for the survival of freedom. The paranoid delusions of the left wing radicals who have developed strategies of hate are winning this war. Smears based on lies are at the heart of each and every Alinsky attack that are a major part of this strategy of hate. The gang method of destroying your opponent by threats and fear is always successful when there is no organized resistance. It is even worse when civil society stands by and allows the gang dominance to fester. All you have to do is look at the way the left has destroyed freedom of speech in America.

Ann Coulter cannot speak on a college campus without riots intended to deny her the freedom of speech that progressives demand for themselves. Neither can David Horowitz. The riots in Wisconsin are typical of the threatening and berating of conservatives that has become common. Death threats are always a part of the hate tactics of the progressives. Our courts do nothing. Denial of free speech is considered to be perfectly okay to the ignorant judges that fill the federal bench. They approve when a few riot and howl down others who are kept from speaking, usually much larger groups whose freedom of speech is destroyed in the process. One after another are targeted by this strategy of hate and intimidation. But to the judges free speech of the screamers out weighs free speech of the civil.

This is an excellent article that explains the real history of the Koch brothers. It then compares that history with the strategy of personal destruction being practiced by the organized and well funded hoard of hate mongers in the progressive movement. Their outlandish distortions of the Koch brother's actions are identified and the perpetrators exposed. Yet it will take a huge expansion of this knowledge, an expansion not likely to occur with our press so dominated by practitioners of progressive hate, to ever derail the lies and smears that are being directed at these decent men.


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