Friday, July 29, 2011

The Tea Party Is Dead
Long Live The Tea Party

by Patrick Touhey - July 29th, 2011 - Big Government

The Tea Party movement, which was so heralded in 2009 and 2010 and played a large role in motivating voters and candidates to move to the right, is dead. It’s chief accomplishment was to elect enough Republicans to the US House of Representatives that John Boehner was elected Speaker. But make no mistake, the movement—as it was known then—is dead. And it is becoming painfully embarrassing to watch groups prop up the corpse and parade around like it was still alive...

The professional progressive politician wings of the Republican Party, big government addicts all, scream that Tea Party movement adherents need to shut up and practice "business as usual." Take your crumbs and play the game is their mantra. In fact, the various progressive wings in the Republican Party have adopted the same Alinsky technigues of their more openly left wing partners in the Democrat Party. Smear, smear and smear again.

Whether they are the "compassionate communists" or the Wall Street crony capitalists or the country club elitists or the loony birthers or the pro-lifers or the Ron Paul anarchists, screaming at anyone who doesn't agree with your agenda is the New GOP. The public rallies were just a phase the Tea Party movement used to prove it existed and display the power it had. It was very successful. It proved to the world that huge elements in society were fed up with "business as usual." The key now is to unify those who love freedom in a common agenda. We must move from motivating the angry to effecting government reform.

However the old style leadership of the Republican Party proved during the Bush era, they are hardly any different than the Democrats. They don't want real reform. They love big government too. They have smeared the Republican brand with their incompetence. They ruled for 8 years and drove our nation into a recession. They resent that being pointed out and they hate the Tea Party for daring to challenge them. They still resist real reform.

The only question becomes, what will replace the old GOP? It is not the Tea Party movement that is dead. It is the GOP. This is going to get very bloody before it is over. "Business as usual" is dead. 2012 is coming.


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