Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Obama Eliminates
Secret Ballot Elections

... Making Card Check Forced Unionism A Reality

by Don Loos - August 30th, 2011

Outgoing NLRB Chair Wilma Liebman and the Obama Appointed NLRB Board members, Craig Becker & Mark Pearce, voted to eliminate secret ballot election protections. Now, when employers make secrets deals with a union bosses agreeing to recognize a union without allowing his employees a secret ballot vote; employees no longer have the right to force an NLRB secret ballot election and allow workers to decide if they want the union or not.

Unable to pass EFCA, Card Check Forced Unionism, through a Democrat-controlled congress, Obama is paying off Big Labor through his handpicked NLRB Board. He is doing all this at the expense of worker freedoms and worker paychecks. And, the NLRB Decision is applied retroactively to bar even elections that have already been held but not counted.

The kind of union hooliganism this will create assures millions of American citizens will be subject to threats and coercion by union bosses. Those who bask in the million dollar salaries that big unions deliver to the powerful and corrupt have little use for the actual workers they pretend to represent. Have we learned no lessons from history at all?

The secret ballot has never stopped unions who were actually making the lives of workers better. Conversely the lack of secret ballots has allowed for corrupt labor leaders to intimidate workers into granting the power to damage companies through stupid work rules, feather bedding and huge dues that are wasted by the corrupt labor bosses. GM was a recent example of the consequence. The greatest car company in the world was bankrupted by stupid union labor.

That Obama continues to use dictator tactics in the formerly free America is obscene. How can the courts tolerate Obama simply ramming through new laws using so called regulatory powers, the very laws that the legislature has refused to pass? When did America become a dictatorship?


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