Monday, August 08, 2011

Facts? We Don’t Need
No Stinkin’ Facts

by Arnold Ahlert - August 7TH, 2011 - Canada Free Press

Comedians Penn and Teller have a show call[ed] “Bulls**t!” which runs every so often on the Showtime cable network. The purpose of the show is to expose fraudulent ideas or thinking in an amusing way. The one I watched was about organic vegetables and whether or not they were any better than non-organic ones. The show, using both anecdotes and scientific evidence demonstrated pretty convincingly that they’re not. But the anecdotes revealed something profound about the way people think—or more accurately how some people allow feelings to completely over-ride reason.


But all of the science paled in entertainment value to the taste test segments of the show. That’s the part where the dedicated “save the earth” crowd was asked to choose between two plates of vegetables or fruit and tell the presenter which one was organic. Time after time, people convinced organic foods were better, chose non-organic foods as their preferred choice in terms of looks and more importantly taste, by an 80-90 percent margin. Yet when asked by the presenter if this new information would cause them to re-consider their buying habits, virtually every one them said they would continue to buy organic products.

We are constantly told by progressives that conservatives are stupid, uneducated and inferior. They claim progressives are the intellectual elite in our nation. Yet time after time actual practice shows that progressives substitute feel good political correctness for actual thought. They equate not agreeing with a politically correct 'feeling' with a lack of intelligence.

It is a bizarre hypothesis to try and test intelligence when one group does not even accept the standard definition of the word. The only question that a progressive accepts is the simplistic, "Have you accepted the progressive brain washing that requires you to, by rote, feed back the 'correct' answer to all questions which we have decided by how we feel?"

If you do not accept that as a valid premise, you will be denounced as stupid, uneducated and inferior.

Such people do not deserve courtesy or respect. They are contemptible. So show them contempt. I do!


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