Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Sleeping Giant Awakens

by Robin of Berkeley - August 10th, 2011 - The American Thinker

One of my closest friends, "Gail," lives in a pristine suburb in northern New Jersey. It's one of those leafy bedroom communities where residents drive their Lexus SUVs to the railroad station each morning to catch the train to Manhattan.


While many conservatives merge liberalism and leftism, there are huge differences between the two camps. Liberals, like Gail, want a kinder and gentler America. They choose safe, suburban suburbs, with schools that (as of yet) do not radicalize their children. While it's the rare liberal who would display a flag on July 4, he still cares about this country, supports Israel, and is wary of radical Islam.

The progressive/leftists are an entirely different species entirely; they do not love this country or Israel. In fact, the far left would like nothing better than to knock the US and Israel down from their high horses.

Leftists sympathize with the "victims" of the United States, not those Americans who are brutalized by thugs or terrorists. The left practices third-worldism, the belief that the paths of Chavez and Lenin are vastly superior to our own Founding Fathers. Having become smitten by the renegade image of Che Guevara, they fashion themselves as post-modern revolutionaries, who set out, with a missionary zeal, to change the world.

Consequently, leftists turn a blind eye to the savagery of the third world, e.g. the burqua or beheadings. Progressives justify the brutality of gang violence and perhaps engage in mob behavior themselves. While they label conservatives as reactionary, leftists are, in truth, the true reactionaries...

Robin of Berkeley is becoming one of the better conservative writers. She reminds me of David Horowitz in her value to our cause. As a former true believer who woke up, she understands and communicates effectively to those who have still not reached an understanding of the virus of liberalism-progressivism.

This is an excellent article about the savage riots that are occurring, both here in America, in England, and in various other places around the globe. The leftists are seizing the moment to create anarchy and chaos as it serves their political agenda. These riots may start as race riots, but they will get more and more violent over time. Armageddon is coming. Robin of Berkeley is able to explain how and why this is happening better than any of us who have not lived among those on the left.


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