Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Constitution In Crisis

The crumbling moral infrastructure

by Thomas Sowell - May 7th, 2012 - World Net Daily

Democracy does not mean mob rule. It means majority rule. If the “Occupy” movement, or any other mob, actually represents a majority, then they already have the votes to accomplish legally whatever they are trying to accomplish by illegal means.

Mob rule means imposing what the mob wants, regardless of what the majority of voters want. It is the antithesis of democracy.

In San Francisco, when the mob smashed the plate-glass window of a small business shop, the owner put up some plywood to replace the glass, and the mob wrote graffiti on his plywood. The consequences? None for the mob, but a citation for the shop owner for not removing the graffiti.

In Europe, both Greece and France have voted to continue spending money they do not have. The Nationalism on which these votes are based is a major element of this rejection of reality. People who have gotten used to sucking at the public trough are outraged that this easy way of life is being reduced and they reject the possibility that someone cannot be found to pay for their easy life. They expect more, not less, from society. Working for it is not something they are willing to do.

Of course the rational Thomas Sowell has pointed out the key problem with their demands. If they were a majority, they could vote for what they want. They believe if they keep screaming they may persuade enough additional voters to join them. Then their mob demands will, as in Greece and France, become merely the delusions that wealth exists in the abstract. No one has to work for wealth to exist. Just take it from the rich. The problem? That this has never ever worked. Ever! That there are not enough rich does not matter when you are voting your delusions. Greed without a willingness to work is the ultimate delusion.


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