Monday, March 06, 2006

Men In Black

How the Supreme Court is Destroying America
By Mark Levin
Review by Judith Niewiadomski

Ms. Niewiadomski has reviewed a book that everyone needs to read. Most of the corruption of the American Court system starts with the arrogant out of touch justices that Phyllis Schlafly calls "The Supremacists". From the power seizure of Marbury vs Madison, courts have waged a continual battle to dominate our lives and establish the judicial oligarchy that the judges and lawyers seek.

Three strikes is a perfect example. The huge drop in crime that resulted from the passage of these laws has not stopped the legal community from being nearly unanimous in their opposition. The revolving door system that causes over 15,000 murders in America is the fault of the courts, judges and lawyers. You will never get them to admit this. Instead they are already subverting these laws to get their partners in crime, the criminals, back on the streets.

Why is this book so important?
The Supreme Court consists of people no wiser and no more moral than the rest of society. Dr. Levin gives numerous examples of Supreme Court rulings which violate the Constitution: maintaining slavery in the Dred Scott decision; authorizing the internment of Japanese Americans in Korematsu v. United States, and authorizing segregation in Plessy v. Ferguson. The people can do better by exercising their power to legislate. Dr. Levin warns, "The judiciary, operating outside its scope, is the greatest threat to representative government that we face today."

In this review Judith Niewiadomski has done a masterful job of summarizing the points in Mark Levin's excellent book.


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