Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I Am Somebody!

By George Neumayr - 9/21/2005 - The American Spectator
It is now almost a weekly ritual: a member of the ossifying liberal establishment, looking very defeated and victimized, complains vaguely about some lost privilege. The person will couch his narcissistic complaint in the form of accusing someone of "turning the clock back," not sufficiently respecting "precedent," disregarding "scientific consensus," and so on. All they mean is: the monopoly power liberals once enjoyed across the culture is now gone, and that the public should regard the left's erosion of power as a great loss to the republic.

Dan Rather has performed this week's lament to an expiring liberal era.

The blogs are still "rather" happy with the biggest scalp they have taken. This is an excellent article that points out the reasons for the truculence of so many liberals in news today. The reality is that the vast majority of news outlets are still liberal. However conservatives do now have a significant presence. Between talk radio, Fox News and the blogosphere, there is no longer any way that liberals can simply LIE with impunity, as they did for so many years.

As one blogger known as "smokehouse" noted, "Lets see now. (1) The hit piece on Food Lion. (2) The hit piece on General Westmorland. (3) The hit piece by CNN on poison gas. (4) The hit piece on GM with the fake burning truck. (5)The hit piece on President Bush by Rather. Yep, we can really trust these cretins."

It is really stunning how arrogant the media has been. The brief list of fraudulent articles above has one characteristic that should be amazing. Not a single reporter, editor or producer, except for Dan Rather ever paid any price for the fraud involved. All simply went on with their careers. No wonder Dan Rather is so incensed. He is sitting there wondering, "why me?"

Well Dan .... as you yourself noted, there is a "new journalism order". Hopefully it will care a little more about the truth than you did.


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