Thursday, September 29, 2005

Speak Up America! Sheehan Has Spent Her Sympathy

By Ed Koch - September 28, 2005 - Jewish World Review

I supported and still support the war in Iraq, because our Congress and President had every right to rely on the advice of the CIA that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. On Sunday, September 25, 2005, Tim Russert of Meet The Press, summed up the situation prevailing before the war, saying, "…post September 11th, there was a fear of terrorism, an inability to know whether there were weapons of mass destruction by the public or by the media. George W. Bush said there were. Bill and Hillary Clinton said there were. The Russians, French and Germans, who opposed the war, said there were. Hans Blix of the UN said there were."

Iraq had fought an eight-year war against Iran resulting in a million casualties, using poison gas against the Kurds, who were citizens of Iraq, and against the Iranian army. Yes, since the 2003 invasion, we have not found any present supplies of WMD. Nevertheless, based on advice from CIA counterparts advising every member nation of the United Nations Security Council, the Security Council, including Syria, adopted Resolution 1441 unanimously, finding Iraq had weapons of mass destruction for which it had not accounted and advising Iraq that failure to account was cause for war.

Those who so loudly problaim their opposition to the war are by that act proclaiming their opposition to our form of government. We are a representative democracy. If our representatives cannot authorize millitary conflict, and if their authorization can later be treated as a LIE by anti war protestors, then there is no way our government can claim legitimacy for any action.

They even ignore the fact that the U.N passed a resolution that provided for our invasion. Kofi Anan cannot by his personal opposition to the war make that resolution go away. Much of the propaganda against the war is based on LIES.


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