Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Crime: The Open Borders Lobby's Dirty Little Secret

By FrontPage Magazine - October 4, 2005 - Front Page Magazine
Now, there seems to be a taboo on talking about the contribution that illegal aliens make to criminal activity in this country. When I first started writing about this I would ask people in the LAPD, and I felt like I was violating some nicety of social convention. It was something that polite company is not supposed to address.

And the press, of course, also picks up on this. How many stories have you read of some egregious crime or gang violence, and you wonder, ‘I wonder if that person is here illegally?’ You will almost never find out. Reporters just don’t bother to ask.

Those of you who live in LA may have been following the recent debacle to hit the poor, hapless LAPD; the shooting of Jose Raul Pena on July 10th. This was the guy who started on a barrage of gunfire at the LAPD, trying to kill as many officers as he could, and used for his shield his own 19-month-old daughter.

He was eventually killed, and his daughter was, as well, by an LAPD Swat Team. And, of course, this has turned into yet another crisis for the LAPD, with accompanying protests of “police brutality.” Nobody talks about Pena’s role in this.

There are 11 - 13 million illegal aliens in America. They are always portrayed as doing work that Americans will not do. I guess that includes killing, raping and robbing at a rate that is unacceptable and unprecedented. 4% of the population within our borders, they commit nearly 40% of the crime in the states where they are found.

Why is it that everyone keeps saying, "There is nothing that we can do?"


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