Friday, October 07, 2005

Ex-FBI Chief On Clinton's Scandals

By Staff - Oct. 6, 2005 - CBS News

When President Bill Clinton appointed Louis Freeh director of the FBI, he called Freeh “a law enforcement legend.”

And Freeh spent a controversial eight years as director before he left in June, 2001. But the 9/11 plot was hatched on his watch and he has been criticized by the 9/11 commission for not having his agents more focused on counterterrorism.

But it also turns out that no FBI director had a more strained relationship with the president who had appointed him, than did Louis Freeh with Clinton.

It is amazing that 60 minutes allowed Sandy Berger to try and refute the accusations by Louis Freeh about our former President, Bill Clinton.

Berger is the man who stuffed top secret docuements into his underpants and socks to cover up Cliton administration incompetence, sneaking them out of government offices and taking them home. He destroyed some of the documents in his home. When caught he protested that it was an accident. These documents were accidentally stuffed into his underpants while he was in the bathroom, and he just didn't notice. And he accidentally destroyed some of them at his home as he didn't know what they were or where they came from.

With this foundation for his integrity and veracity, Berger was sent out to be the front man to destroy Louis Freeh and salvage Clinton's reputation. How can anyone believe anything that Berger says?


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