Saturday, October 08, 2005

Illegals: The Crime Rampage

By Tammy Bruce - October 7, 2005 -

When illegal immigrants are discussed in the media, the picture painted is of a hard working family man or woman, the sort of person President Bush refers to when he pitches his "guest worker" program. "Hard working people who want a better way of life," is how he casts them.

While many fit that bill, the dirty little secret is the fact that illegal aliens are not only destroying our infrastructure by stealing valuable services such as health care and schooling, they're also committing horrific crimes throughout our great nation.

The fact that police departments in virtually every major city (and not so major ones) spend their time responding to crime by illegal aliens, looking for the illegal alien culprits, arresting illegal aliens (when their local laws allow them to), processing them through the system, means more officers, more departments, are stretched to the limit, by people who shouldn't be here in the first place.

We are ruled today by two parties that use anecdotal evidence to support their policy goals. Because of this it is almost impossible to have an intelligent policy discussion. Neither is capable of understanding the other, since the facts they each look at are totally different. On no issue is this more clear than illegal immigration. However this issue does not split on party lines alone. Both parties have people on both sides of the issue. On this issue, most Republicans are determined that illegal immigration must end. But that is not the position of George W. Bush, and he is singlehandedly stopping the party from acting in unity.

George W. Bush sees hard working people. George W. Bush DOES NOT SEE thousands of dead people killed by these illegal aliens. George W. Bush DOES NOT SEE rampant disrespect for the law from his failure to enforce the laws of our nation about immigration. George W. Bush DOES NOT SEE 11 to 14 million illegals demanding that we change our culture to accomodate them.

This is the reason that George W. Bush calls anyone who disagrees with him on this issue a vigilante. Because of his inability to see what is happening, George W. Bush and the Republican Party are risking a great deal in the 2006 elections.


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