Sunday, December 23, 2007

FARC's Real Aim: Ending Democracy

Editorial - December 21st, 2007 - Investor's Business Daily

Terror: International pressure is building on Colombia to negotiate with FARC terrorists to free hostages. But that's just emboldening these killers. They now demand an end to democracy.

The Islamo-fascists are not the only forces of socialism that are hostile to America. We also have the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC - for the Spanish equivalent) who are the enemies of America. However these enemies have defenders here in America and in the capitals of Europe.

To some extent the desire of George Bush to not name the groups but simply bundle them all together by their tactic of "terror" is interesting. I have a slightly different take on this though. What I feel groups them together is their love of socialism.

We need to recognize that America is under attack from the global socialist movement as well as the global Islamo-fascist movement. Both seek socialism as the new economic order. The socialist movement has open defenders such as U.S. Democrat congressmen from Massachusetts, Bill Delahunt and Jim McGovern. It is curious how they defend people who kill others, like the FARC extremists, yet claim they are exempt from being criticized for what FARC does. The press allows them this double standard, but it is frightening because of the history our nation experienced during the 50s with communism. This is not the first time we have people who seek our destruction yet claim they are just defending the poor and pretend they are not working together.

You should keep watch on both the FARC actions in Columbia and the socialists here in America. They are part of the same evil conspiracy to undermine our nation and establish a socialist world order. Chavez, Castro and others (including democrats here at home) are supporting FARC. It is amazing how American socialists are never held accountable for the actions of their cohorts overseas.


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