Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Clinton and Obama, Johnson and King

by Ben Smith - January 8th, 2008 - Politico.com

Clinton rejoined the running argument over hope and "false hope" in an interview in Dover this afternoon, reminding Fox's Major Garrett that while Martin Luther King Jr. spoke on behalf of civil rights, President Lyndon Johnson was the one who got the legislation passed.

Excuse me, but this is garbage and continues the Democrat lies in trying to take credit for a bill they only supported at the end. Johnson did not get this legislation passed, other than to swing a couple of Democrat votes in favor. The 1964 Civil Rights bill was written by Everett Dirksen, a REPUBLICAN who had worked for the bill for years, the majority of REPUBLICANS voted for the bill as they always had, and the majority of democrats voted AGAINST the bill as they always had. Johnson supported it only because John Kennedy had been in favor of it and Johnson felt his greatest legacy would be to honor Kennedy. However the REPUBLICAN efforts on behalf of civil rights were stolen by lies suppressing credit for their long term fight on behalf of civil rights. To this day, the lies continue.

In a recent discussion here in Bertie County one black leader denied that any Republican had voted for the 1964 Civil Rights bill. How can you have a rational discussion with someone willing to accept as true such ridiculous lies.

However I have to ask whether anyone can look at the track record of Barack Obama and not wonder how he gets away with it. That may be part of the reason Hillary made her comments. I suspect that the MSM will have to go after Hillary over this open dissing of Martin Luther King. Comparing Johnson favorably to King is simply not logical. That does not mean Obama has accomplished anything except mastering rhetoric.


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