Tuesday, January 15, 2008

EU Considers Banning The Import
Of Certain Fuel Crops

by James Kanter - January 14th, 2008 - International Herald Tribune

In a sign of shifting attitudes toward biofuels, European Union officials are proposing to ban imports of certain fuel crops whose production could do more harm than good in fighting climate change, according to a draft law seen Monday.

The proposals, to be unveiled next week, are aimed at enhancing the environmental credentials of biofuels like biodiesel or ethanol to counter concerns that European drivers are playing a role in destroying wetlands, forests and grasslands in areas like Southeast Asia or Latin America each time they fill up their tanks.

Unintended consequences. As always, the problem with the simplistic solutions of the global socialists is the unintended consequences. The enviro-cultist wing of global socialism has just started to run into the problem of unintended consequences with their alternative fuel campaign. It turns out they are not reducing so-called "greenhouse gases" after all. Instead they are driving up the destruction of natural habitat.

For just a moment let's return to the reason for the enviro-cultists goal. The only reason to damage the economy with their "greenhouse gas reduction" campaign is the premise that man is causing global warming. Until they stop rejecting the fact that the planet Mars is experiencing the same global warming they can only be called liars. No other word sums up their duplicity. Man cannot be causing global warming on Mars. Greenhouse gases cannot be causing global warming on Mars. If man is not causing the global warming on Mars, how can man be causing global warming on Earth? Are the two planets not right next to each other in our solar system?

When you combine that knowledge about Mars with the proven scientific fact that greenhouse gases, primarily carbon dioxide, have a trailing relationship with temperature, and the lie of the enviro-cultists is obvious. Temperatures have been going up for centuries, ever since the end of the "little ice age". As it always has for millions of years on our planet, carbon dioxide is going up in a trailing relationship with temperature. Increased temperatures increases greenhouse gases, not the other way around. Everything about the environmental movement, what I call the enviro-cultists, is based on lies. Man is not causing global warming.

The truth is global socialists want to control everything and do not care what is the cause of global warming. Using the enviro-cultist's lies about global warming as an excuse to take over the control of how business operates is a scam for political power.

Now it turns out, they can't even do that right. The enviro-cultists are not just liars, they are incompetent as well. They are damaging the environment with their laws much more than global warming ever would. Two quotes from the article are classic.

In Indonesia, where more than 18 million hectares, or 44 million acres, of forest have already been cleared for palm oil developments, wildlife like the orangutan and the Sumatran tiger are under threat, and indigenous people mainly dependant on forests and natural resource goods and services have been expropriated . . .

Last week scientists at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute warned that biofuels production could result in environmental destruction, pollution and damage to human health. The Smithsonian cited a Swiss study showing that fuels made from U.S. corn, Brazilian soy and Malaysian palm oil may even be worse overall than fossil fuels

So we have a goal that is based on a lie and an implementation of that same goal that is a disaster. And what is the conclusion of the enviro-cultists about what to do next?

"Different biofuels vary enormously in how eco-friendly they are," said William Laurance, a staff scientist at the [Smithsonian] [I]nstitute. "We need to be smart and promote the right biofuels."

Yeah that is it. Let's consume our resources trying to reduce the incompetence with which we chase an incompetently defined goal. Can't we stop the greenhouse reduction idiocy instead?

There is a need to produce more energy within America. We need to do that in an environmentally responsible way. Very few of the methods the enviro-cultists have proposed make sense.


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