Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A Lucky Nickel

by Holly Bailey - January 9th, 2008 - Newsweek

John McCain is a man who looks for good omens. A few days ago, the Arizona senator was on his way to a town hall in New Hampshire when he spotted something shiny in the street outside his bus. Bending over to take a closer look, he noticed it was a nickel--but not just any nickel. It was a nickel with its head up. Notoriously superstitious since his days as a Navy pilot, McCain quickly picked it up and stuffed it in his pocket. "I need any luck I can get," McCain said, showing off the coin to a group of reporters earlier this week.

John McCain graduated at the BOTTOM in his class at Annapolis. If he had not come from a family of Admirals he would have been drummed out of the Navy. McCain has never held any significant position of leadership. Being a squadron commander based on his father's coat-tails simply does not count. He has a reputation for throwing temper tantrums if anyone questions his decisions. He is loved by the MSM because he is condescending and contemptuous of the Republican base, conservatives. He led passage, in McCain-Feingold, of the most damaging subversion to the right of free speech ever passed here in America, especially damaging to the political speech that was at the heart of first amendment rights. As usual McCain had nothing but disdain and contempt for anyone who expressed concern. His support for McCain-Kennedy proves he is totally out of touch with conservatives on the issue of amnesty for illegals. He has contempt for anyone who wants our borders protected. Many will never forgive him for undermining the appointment of conservative justices with his “Gang of 14”, a blatantly arrogant move to subvert a President he still hates.

And now of course we find out he is superstitious. For John McCain this is (according to the MSM that is so actively touting his candidacy) an endearing quality. When it was discovered that Nancy Reagan displayed similar superstitious tendencies she was castigated, mocked and insulted by the MSM. Of course Nancy was married to a man the MSM hated and reviled. Reagan did not mock and ridicule the conservative base of the Republican Party like McCain mocks them. So McCain gets a pass.

The victory for McCain in New Hampshire was due to the fact that "moderates", people who refuse to be a part of a governing majority, temporarily voted Republican in response to their Pavlovian love for the MSM. It is interesting that though they flirted with the idea of supporting Obama, when they went into the booth, they pulled the lever for McCain.

Huckabee won Iowa. Romney won Wyoming. McCain won New Hampshire. However Wyoming was ignored because the MSM is doing everything that it can to sabotage Romney and promote McCain. Reminds me of how they used to try everything they could to sabotage Reagan. What is different this time is that Romney is a Mormon and the evangelical component of the party hates Mormons, so they accept the MSM position. Therefore Romney has enemies both inside and outside the party. Let's summarize our choices from my perspective.

Huckabee is a socialist pro life democrat.
McCain is a patriotic pro amnesty socialist but frugal democrat.
Romney is a domestically moderate sort of pro life Republican.
Giuliani is a domestically moderate tough as nails pro abortion Republican.
Thompson is an actor, but unlike Reagan he has never managed anything. He is at least a Republican and fairly conservative, but the Presidency is not an entry level management position.

This is what we get to choose from in the REPUBLICAN primary? Where are the libertarian-conservative Republicans? That is what Reagan called himself, but today everyone wants to claim that (if they supported him) Reagan agreed with them on everything. They are usually wrong. Most of them don't truly believe and embrace Reagan's love for liberty and freedom.

I will not concede that the racist, pro secession, anti war, self proclaimed libertarian Ron Paul is really the closest thing we have to a libertarian-conservative.

It is time that the Republican Party got back to caring about freedom and liberty for both domestic and foreign affairs.

If I have to vote for either McCain or Huckabee, it will truly be a sad day. Both have proved they are comfortable with domestic socialism. That is neither liberty or freedom. They are only barely better than Clinton. That nickel sure wasn't lucky for America.


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