Thursday, February 07, 2008

Talk Radio Fails Conservatives

by Cliff Kincaid - February 6th, 2008 - Accuracy in Media

Our book, The Death of Talk Radio?, warned about the threat posed by liberals trying to pass into law the so-called Fairness Doctrine. Little did we know that its viability would be in jeopardy from conservatives upset over major figures in talk radio playing favorites in the Republican presidential race. The conservative talk-radio assault on John McCain and Mike Huckabee has backfired in a big way.

Supporters of Huckabee are so angry that they have launched a "Send it Back" campaign, asking people who have copies of books by Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity to send them back to their authors. They're angry that Limbaugh and Hannity were trashing Huckabee on the air.

Huckabee supporters were angry before the talk radio figures started attacking Huckabee. They started this venomous war and the conservative movement is paying the price. Acting like they are reacting to attacks by traditional conservatives is bizarre. Even before Huckabee's victory in Iowa, the social conservatives started SCREAMING at the Republican Party that they were "mad as hell" and anyone who did not support Huckabee better get out of the way. Their claim that they have previously been disrespected is a joke. How can they claim that George Bush is not one of theirs? Those of us who have been disgusted with Bush and his socialist light "compassionate conservative" message were told loudly to shut up and get in line.

Though I agree with most of Huckabee's positions, especially his position on fair taxes, he has failed to win my support on key points. These include his socialist support for entitlements, his open borders defense of illegal immigration (now repudiated) and his clear lack of appreciation for the potential for nuclear destruction if we do not win the war against radical Islam (Islamo-fascism). I am not an enthusiastic supporter but I could vote for him, long before I could vote for McCain. I have some close friends who are supporters and do it with class. However many of his supporters have sent me numerous emails filled with hate and invective accusing me of believing things I do not believe and denouncing me for not getting in line because they are DUE their turn on top of the Republican Party. (These are emails from Christians?) I still do not understand how they can claim that Bush was not their candidate and their failure to accept they have been on top of the Republican Party for nearly a decade. How can we accept their claim we have disrespected them?

I don't trust John McCain. He is an arrogant hot headed know-it-all who is too intellectually inferior to understand the underpinnings of issues such as free speech, political corruption of our courts, knowing invasion by Hispanics for the purpose of destroying our borders and the lack of credibility that man is causing global warming on Mars.

Huckabee is clearly sucking up to John McCain to try and get the VP slot.

I am not a huge Romney fan, but I could support him. However Romney is gone. I was not happy with Giuliani but I thought he was the best candidate on the issue of the Islamo-fascist war (except McCain who I can't stand for personal reasons noted above). Giuliani is gone. McCain is winning. It is over. As much as I am personally unhappy with the option, I will vote for McCain in the fall. And yet there stands Huckabee and his supporters, tearing at the Republican Party with a viciousness that is unexplainable. They are still furious and attacking what they see as their enemies. They see those of us in the Republican Party (most of whom agree with most of their platform and positions) as people who they insist are not respecting them. They have made me their enemy because they will not even tolerate one iota of disagreement with their agenda.

It is the reason that I wonder how long the current Republican Party can stand? I wonder where the social conservatives (especially evangelicals) think they will go if the Party disintegrates? I wonder who they will align with if they continue to rail at the traditional conservatives who oppose socialism and support free enterprise? Why do they think I am their enemy?

I think of myself as an optimist. Right now I am standing befuddled as to how I see the glass as half full when my Party is disintegrating.

Some Huckabee supporters are becoming a threat to the future of my country if my party is right on the issues. Do they think we can unite the party as long as they continue their venomous war?


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