Sunday, May 25, 2008

Jupiter Getting Warmer
- Man Is Not The Cause

May 23rd, 2008 -

Jupiter's recent outbreak of red spots is likely related to large scale climate change as the gas giant planet is getting warmer near the equator.

Great picture! (Click to enlarge)

This is one more nail in the coffin of the idea that man is causing global warming (or causing "climate change" . . . the new copout phrase used by the enviro extremists since it is clear that global warming may not really be happening here on earth).

The reality is that some minor warming happened on Earth, Mars and Jupiter in the last century. However here on Earth the warming has levelled off and there is concern that global cooling may happen for the next decade. In any event, it is now unalterably true that whatever is happening . . . MAN IS NOT THE CAUSE. CO2 is not warming Jupiter. Man is not warming Jupiter. CO2 is not warming Mars. Man is not warming Mars. And Man is not warming Earth because CO2 is not warming Earth.

Therefore, all the greenhouse gas legislation, from biofuels to carbon credits, is a totally useless waste of time. We are destroying our economy for nothing. Even worse, we are destroying our economy for stupid lies.

Drill for Oil now. Build refineries now. We will run out of petroleum at some point, but as long as it is the most cost effective fuel, USE OIL! Let economics determine when to switch to alternative fuels. We will run out of oil some day, but that is centuries away. Providing tax credits to favor non-carbon fuels is a stupid waste of money based on lies by people who know they are lying. The enviro extremists are lying for political reasons. They are socialists.


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