Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Obama, The Closer

by Kyle-Anne Shiver - May 27th, 2008 - National Review Online

Evidenced by his list of supporters, from Ayers Dohrn, Hayden and Fonda, to the New Black Panthers, the New SDS, the New Winter Soldiers, et al., the radical Left has anointed Obama as the One. Every aging, anti-war, anti-capitalist group and their new offshoots are flocking around Obama like moths to a flame.

He is the One they’ve been waiting for. Biding their time during the dark, dreary days of Reagan, throughout the self-absorbed Boomer years, into the Yuppie sellout decade, and on through the compromising Clinton years, they’ve waited and planned and hoped.

To these rabid Marxist radicals, Obama is the One, because he’s probably their last chance to see socialism triumph on our own soil. They have grasped the reality of their own mortality.

And this could be very bad news for America. Who, in his right mind, really wants anything these radicals were peddling?

There is a reality that those who support you give a strong indication of what you truly are. Hagee stopped supporting John McCain when it became clear, McCain really does not represent a Christian man. John McCain is a good man, a patriot and is fiscally responsible. However John McCain is perfectly willing to let the other side win the culture war. He is also perfectly willing to let Hagee's long support for Israel to be distorted into a claim he is an anti-Semite just because those who oppose him are twisting what he said around. Maybe McCain is allowing this man to be slimed because he truly is too stupid to understand what is happening. With that act we learn a lot more about John McCain.

And then we have those who are Barack Obama supporters. The real question is which of his supporters really understand him. The wide eyed young enthusiasts who are desperately searching for some new Messiah to believe in, the hard core radical Marxists who latched on to him early on and supported him when no one else did, or the disillusioned blacks who are determined that "one of theirs" will make it to the top?

My money is on the Marxists as what Obama really represents. This is a great article that explains which of the old Marxist guard has supported Obama, when they came on board and why you should bet that this is what he is. I keep telling people Obama is a socialist and a Marxist. This article explains it better than I can. If you care about America, you really should read it.


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