Thursday, June 26, 2008

Civitas Decision Maker Poll Luncheon

The first event of a very long day was the Noon Luncheon by the Civitas Institute they call their Decision Maker Poll Luncheon. It is a monthly event that allows for state leaders to hear the results of the Civitas non-partisan poll on key events of interest to the people of our North Carolina. Courtney Johnson (below left) and Jason Bennett (below right) were there to register attendees, pass out credentials and generally make sure that everyone felt welcome and knew what was happening.

Before the luncheon got started I got a chance to chat with Chris Hayes (left below) and Francis DeLuca (right below) about the coming day's events.

Jeff Mixon (below) of Civitas was the master of ceremonies for the event.

Dallas Woodhouse (below) of Americans for Prosperity greeted everyone and talked about all the events that were coming up that day.

It was a large crowd, more than 30% above the normal crowd for these events, which is a good sign for those who believe we must get more conservatives active in the problems of our state.

Jim Miller (below), National Director of Americans for Prosperity, greeted the crowd, and talked about the event planned for later that day at the Hallifax Mall behind the Legislative Building. It is called Take Back Our State and is dedicated to the premise that we must stop the constantly increasing tax load and legislative corruption that has marked the one party Democrat rule for the last century.

Francis DeLuca
(below), President of Civitas, reviewed the results of the monthly Decision Maker Poll. (Bill Daughtridge, republican candidate for NC Treasurer is in foreground).

Bill Lumaye
(seated below left) of WPTF talk radio and Chris Hayes (seated below right) of Civitas also provided comments and analysis of the results of the poll.

The results that I found curious are consistent with the results of poll after poll taken month after month. People are not happy with the direction of the state and yet are prefectly willing to endorse the party in power for the last 100 years that is responsible for the direction being taken. They are not happy with the economy but feel Democrats are better able to handle the economy. They are not happy with taxes but feel Democrats are better to decide how much we should be taxed. They are unhappy with the corruption but are not willing to replace the corrupt Democrats with Republicans.

The reality is that polls give little guidance as to why the people continue down the electoral path they have always taken, but they seem to always take it.


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