Tuesday, June 24, 2008

For Obama, Chicago Days Honed Tactics

By Jonathan Kaufman - April 21st, 2008 - Wall Street Journal

In his first run for public office in 1996, Barack Obama faced an unexpected obstacle. A liberal black incumbent had encouraged him to run for the Illinois state senate seat she intended to vacate. Then she changed her mind, deciding to run again.

Mr. Obama hired a fellow Harvard Law School graduate, challenged the validity of signatures on her nominating petitions, and got her thrown off the ballot. He eventually ran unopposed, launching the career that has made him the front-runner for the Democratic nomination for president.

Barack Obama is not a man you can trust.

He is a Marxist who insists he is a moderate. He is pro Abortion with a 100% voting record in favor of abortion on demand but claims that making vague statements about wanting to see abortions reduced makes up for this voting record. He has aligned himself with Alinsky and Ayers but insists he must not be found guilty by association, even though he sees nothing wrong with their anti-American positions. Their hatred for America "saddens" Obama, but you can't hold him responsible for the fact they support him. In fact you can't hold him responsible for the fact that every Marxist you can find is passionately supporting the Obama candidacy. He is in favor of a "united" Jerusalem but not so united that Arabs can't rule half of it.

It is getting so you can't find a single issue that Barack Obama has not straddled and taken every side on "verbally". The problem is that he has a voting record that denies almost every moderate statement he has ever made. Couple that with the reality, Obama spent the first 18 years of his life outside the continental United States, much of it in Indonesia. He then went to Harvard, not known as a bastion of middle class American values. Finally he became a politician in the most corrupt political environment in America, Chicago. How any American middle class worker or small businessman can think he shares any of our values is simply amazing.

As I said at the beginning. He is a Marxist. America better wake up to that or we are going to find ourselves with a President committed to destroying or way of life.


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