Monday, June 23, 2008

Planned Parenthood:
A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing?

by Bishop Harry R. Jackson - June 23rd, 2008 -

Because of the group’s gross disregard for the law and the dignity of its youngest clients, I believe that Planned Parenthood should be de-funded by the Federal government.

This billion dollar a year federation presents the pristine appearance of an empowering, civil rights organization. As I have already stated, looks can be very deceiving.

That number is correct. Planned Parenthood is a billion dollar per year organization. What is even worse, 336 million dollars is taxpayer funded support for this organization which is continuing its duplicitous plans to eliminate blacks from the earth. The founder espoused black genocide when she was alive and the practice of the organization clearly indicates it still practices black genocide with its efforts. Their clinics are placed into black communities in hugely disproportionate numbers.

This effort by Bishop Jackson is totally justified. Tax payer funding of Planned Parenthood must be ended.


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