Friday, June 13, 2008

Gay Rights vs. Religious Liberty

Media Ignore Impending Collision

by Brian Fitzpatrick - June 10th, 2008 -

The homosexual rights movement is not really an effort to win civil rights for a supposedly oppressed minority. It’s a war against Western civilization’s Judeo-Christian moral order, joined now by many non-homosexuals who support rewriting society’s moral code. The goals are to win social acceptance of alternative sexual “lifestyles,” especially homosexuality, and to make room for a revolutionary new sexual code that glorifies self-indulgence and embraces promiscuity.

Hedonism and homosexuality cannot be legitimized without displacing the Bible’s restrictions on sex and God’s design for the family. The revolutionaries are going about it the obvious way, in our litigious society—through the courts. By redefining traditional sexual morality as bigotry, the sexual revolutionaries are using the law to assail the rights of speech, association and religion of anyone who disagrees with them.

It is sad that this war was started by those who wanted to criminalize sin on behalf of religion. This new effort is a backlash to that effort. However it is just as wrong to turn it around and criminalize society's view of morality as to criminalize sin. What is the old playground saying? Something like two wrongs do not make it right?

This war is being waged in democracies all over the world as liberal groups support one of their favored minorities through use of the courts to take away the rights of society in defense of these constituencies. Religion is losing this battle. When freedom of religion and freedom of speech no longer exist, political domination will not be far behind.


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