Thursday, June 12, 2008

Warming Up To Obama's Message Of Hope And Change

by Larry Elder - June 12th, 2008 -

Obama rejects the Bush my-way-or-the-highway "cowboy" foreign policy. Obama repeatedly said he wishes to meet with enemy/thug leaders without preconditions. But wait!

He now says only if he decides to meet in the first place. And if he decides -- to which he may not -- he'll do so without preconditions. And if he decides not to, his decision will have been made without preconditions, unless, of course, he decides to meet after all -- but only without preconditions. And if he decides not to meet, he'll make that decision without any preconditions, just as he would make the decision to meet without the precondition of no preconditions. But if he decides to meet, without preconditions, he'll do so solely when, where and if he decides to -- without preconditions.

That's change.

I have a friend who knows Larry Elder, so I got a chance to meet him a couple of times while I lived in Los Angeles. What I liked about him was his cheery optimistic outlook on life. He is also a funny guy.

This article had me grinning. It reminded me of what a great guy he is. Wish I could have gotten to know him. Great article and worth the read.


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