Wednesday, June 18, 2008

First Americans, First Ecologists?

by Michael Medved - June 18th, 2008 -

The cherished notion of Indians as ecologically enlightened protectors of the natural order actually carries no more authenticity than Chief Seattle’s ruminations on rotting buffalo [a fraud] or the purportedly Cherokee identity of the Sicilian-American “Iron Eyes Cody.”


The truth is that native peoples, like all other aboriginal societies on the planet, did anything and everything to their surroundings that might help them to survive. "There is now a very considerable body of research," Robert Whelan writes, "which demonstrates conclusively that the Indians made a massive impact on their environment before the arrival of the white man, and that much of this impact was damaging and showed no conception of a conservation ethic."

This truth will not be popular with our liberal teachers or anyone in the "hate America first" socialist brigade. Stewart Udall may have popularized this politically correct attitude, "First Americans, First Ecologists", but it is no more true than many other lies promoted by liberals and socialists.

The American people are once again under assault by the legions of greed, i.e. socialists, who use lies to promote their claim that redistribution of wealth is fair and reasonable. Environmentalism is the new excuse to create a socialist utopia. It will fail and become a tyranny of bureaucrats just like all other socialist states have become. That does not stop the people who want to dream about utopia though. Dreaming about utopia is just so much more satisfying than living in the real world.


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