Saturday, June 14, 2008

America's Other Minority?

by Jerome E. Dobson - June 14th, 2008 - The Washington Times

. . . in this supposedly enlightened age, there is one minority that still can be routinely portrayed on TV as dim-witted and cruel...slandered with the foulest of stereotypes...called by ethnic epithets...reviled by people who do not regard themselves as prejudiced and who are not regarded by others as being that is clearly disadvantaged but receives no minority benefits and exempt somehow from America┬┤s passion for diversity.

The answer, of course, is rural people (hicks, bumpkins, yokels) and among them Southern whites (rednecks, bubbas, crackers, white trash). . .

The article goes on to explain that among this group there is the highest identification with being American along with pride in America. There is little pride in America by any of the hyphenated-American groups who mostly criticize America and popularize this prejudice. So the most reviled minority in America is Americans. Is that bizarre?


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