Friday, June 13, 2008

Are Americans Pro-Slavery?

by Walter E. Williams - June 11th, 2008 -

During slavery, visitors to the South often observed "a great many loose negroes about." Officials in Savannah, Mobile and Charleston and other cities complained about "nominal slaves," "virtually free negroes," and "quasi free negroes" who were seemingly oblivious to any law or regulation. Frederick Douglass, a slave, explained this phenomenon when he was employed as a Baltimore ship's caulker: "I was to be allowed all my time; to make bargains for work; to find my own employment, and to collect my own wages; and in return for this liberty, I was … to pay him (Douglass' master) three dollars at the end of each week, and to board and clothe myself, and buy my own caulking tools."

I frequently have people object to my use of the term slavery to describe the socialism advocated by Democrats. This article is a great explanation of why my view of the term is correct. Socialism is slavery. My thanks to Mr. Williams for his great article explaining the validity of that view.


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