Sunday, July 27, 2008

Global Warming – Shell Game

by Dean Stephens

The claim man is causing global warming is based on a myth, a scam and a truth being ignored . . . and the solution the adherents propose is a shell game where you lose.

The myth: "Petroleum is in short supply and we are running out."

This myth is perpetuated by the phrase "fossil fuel". Science proved nearly 60 years ago that petroleum’s origin is in fact not from fossils although some still believe wrongly to this day that it is. Certainly anyone who has studied the global warming issue at all must have come across the scientific explanation that is today recognized as correct. Oil comes from two abundant components of the earth's crust, iron oxides and calcium carbonates. Under intense pressure and heat approximately 60 miles below the surface, these two elements combine to form oil. Because the earth's crust is constantly moving and experiencing upheaval due to the tectonic plates, this creation process is ongoing. The oil created is driven upward through cracks and crevices due to the centrifugal force of the earth's motion and pools in gaps in the earth's crust which are called oil fields. Oil is in fact a renewable resource and we have sufficient supplies for thousands of years. Anyone who uses the term "fossil fuels" or who claims we are running out of oil is clearly too ignorant of the truth to claim credibility in this debate.

The scam: "CO2, carbon dioxide, is a pollutant causing global warming."

Actually carbon dioxide is an absolutely critical trace element in our atmosphere, needed for the photosynthesis process which sustains life on our planet. The relationship between carbon dioxide and temperatures has been verified through studies of thousands of years of ice age and global warming periods to show that carbon dioxide always increases AFTER temperatures increase. Since we are coming out of the little ice age, carbon dioxide is continuing that known process and increasing as a result.

The normal delay of this natural phenomenon is around 3 to 4 centuries and sure enough, the little ice age started to end around 3 to 4 centuries ago. The carbon dioxide increase in the last century had nothing to do with causing temperature change. Global warming fanatics used a computer simulation scam to dupe the public into believing this myth. The program which created the "hockey stick" projection, on which the demand for government action is based, has proven to be fraudulent.

First a group of skeptics fed data into the program to test it. They fed random data from a telephone book into the program and yet the graph produced projected the same hockey stick temperature increase. If you feed decreasing temperatures into the program the graph still projects the hockey stick temperature increase anyway. In other words, the program is a scam and predicts temperature increases no matter what data is fed in. Man burning carbon based fuels is NOT increasing temperatures. Anyone who claims that carbon dioxide causes temperature increases is basing this on a known misinformation giving them no credibility in this debate.

The truth being ignored: "The earth's temperatures go up and down."

During the last century, the sun had the highest activity levels of the last 11,400 years. As a result, Jupiter, Mars and the Earth all experienced global warming. Man did not cause it. The last time the earth was warmer than it is today was the medieval warming period that led to the renaissance. Man was able to live much better than he had before because the longer growing season provided societies with the basics of life in abundance. Iceland and Greenland prove the point. An illustration often used to bolster the argument of "green fanatics" is the ice regression of Iceland and Greenland. The truth is that regression merely proves the little ice age has ended and they are once again warming up. Many regions that once flourished could no longer produce food competitively during the little ice age but are once again able to do so. What is known is life was good during the renaissance as a direct result of global warming. Anyone who claims that global warming will be a disaster is ignoring history and has little credibility in this debate.

The Shell Game: "Only government forcing people to stop burning oil will save the planet."

The environmental extremists have made this a game of three shells:
Shell 1 - Business as usual (massive money transfers)
Shell 2 - Carbon credit trading scheme (government control)
Shell 3 - Drill for oil (cheap energy and a strong economy)

Shell 1 - We will continue to send $800 billion (6 % of our annual earnings as a county) dollars a year to other countries who supply the oil. This makes us more economically and security dependant on foreign governments. As costs and amounts increase for foreign oil, we will eventually have foreigners owning most of our valuable assets as a nation.

Shell 2 - Pretending we face a crisis that justifies extraordinary government control of our lives will reverse the long term increase in individual liberty and economic wealth that western society has provided. Those who support the proclaimed need for government controls are using "man causes global warming" as an excuse for their desire (which predates this crisis) to increase government controls. Global warming is simply a convenient scare tactic of the left to goad us into their real objective - a socialized America.

Shell 3 - Keeps us in the game until wind, solar, natural gas, tidal, nuclear, hyrdogen and all the other remaining sources of energy become cost effective replacements. Be assured, some of them will given time and research. We have the time since oil is not running out. Only by drilling for oil locally can we send the message that we are going to remain independent and strong while competition determines the right answer for the long term future.

In truth no one knows if global warming will continue or if we are going into a global cooling period (which some scientific evidence suggests may be happening). One early recognition of this is that the global warming fanatics appear to be suddenly hedging their bets, at least linguistically, now referring to global warming as global "climate change". This linguistic change is just part of the shell game.

We know there is no rational argument man is causing whatever happens. We also know that man's comfortable existence on earth is critically dependent on cheap energy. Whether we see an ice age or global warming we need more energy. The cheapest energy currently available is petroleum and it will remain so for some time.

The proponents of government control have spun the facts around and thrown in so many irrelevant details about their proclaimed environmental crisis because they want America to pick the wrong shell, just like the scam artists who run the real shell games on the streets of our cities.

We have to keep our eye on what is important.

We must drill . . . and drill now. That is the only choice where America wins.

Update: August 4th, 2008

The following article has some great supporting information on this same theme of understanding the science that refutes man caused global warming.

In Science, Ignorance is not Bliss - by Walter Cunningham [Sorry, but you now have to register to read the article.]


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