Monday, July 07, 2008

President Bush Exonerated

. . . of 'misleading statements' leading to Iraq war.

by Vincent Gioia - July 6th, 2008 - The American Thinker

Those who harped on the Bush administration and its members for both the "leak" and for going to war in Iraq despite a supposed lack of evidence of a nuclear program by Iraq's monstrous dictator and his sons should by all rights be made to suffer the same indignities visited upon President Bush, Vice President Cheney, their aides and especially, Lewis Libby.

Today we know that Iraq did possess 550 metric tons of "yellowcake" -- the seed material for higher-grade nuclear enrichment. The effort to topple Hussein and cause regime change was indeed necessary to prevent the development of nuclear weapons. We know this because it has been revealed, albeit without the fanfare of the earlier "scandal", that this huge stockpile of concentrated uranium, a remnant of Hussein's nuclear program, was removed from Iraq and shipped to a buyer in Canada. It should be a great relief to the world to know that Hussein was not given enough time to further develop his nuclear program because President Bush defied his critics and took action to abort this threat.

When Democrats start ranting in public about Republicans it is difficult for any semblance of truth to emerge. On issue after issue the truth is ignored. Lies that support a Democrat agenda are allowed to become accepted as truth. Democrats claim the lies are on both sides yet I have never seen a single situation where a Republican is allowed to rant and rant about an obvious lie that is so critical to the safety of our nation. Scooter Libby is knowingly convicted of covering up Dick Cheney leaking a story that Richard Armitage, someone on the opposite political side, actually leaked.

Want to talk about some truth that has come out in the press? Saddam Hussein was funding a large number of nuclear scientists who were working with Khan, the Pakistani nuclear genius, developing nuclear bomb technology within the Libyan nuclear program. Qaddafi was rattled by the invasion of Iraq and surrendered his nuclear program. If we had not invaded Iraq in the course of this war against Islamo-fascism, Libya, Syria and Iraq would have long since had the technology allowing them to build a nuclear bomb. Iraq had the yellow cake, topic of this story, which would have allowed them to BUILD many bombs, once they had the technology and expertise learned in the Libyan program. Saddam was secretly preparing to build these bombs.

Democrat truth? Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction. Actual truth? Saddam was well on his way to building a nuclear bomb. He would have assuredly provided these bombs to the Islamo-fascists and they would have been used in America. Democrats do not care if we are at war, or how many Americans die, as long as they are in power. The democrat lies will continue. I guarantee you will never see this truth in the MSM.

What is frightening is where this leaves patriots in the coming election. The Democrat leadership have successfully convinced 80% of Democrats, 70% of Independents and even 40% of Republicans that we went to war in Iraq uselessly. However as we started to win on that front these people have become more and more convinced that we need to pull out. They do not see that we are still in the same situation we were when we went in to Iraq. The war is against Islamo-fascism, it is an asymmetrical war, the Muslim fanatics have not given up and are still recruiting suicide bombers who like the Kamikaze bombers at the end of WWII see martyrdom as a glorious way to die . . . and any real victory against these Islamo-fascists will be a generation or more in coming. Nuclear bombs will turn this movement into the most destructive force our nation has ever faced.

George Bush has made a lot of good moves in fighting the war. However he has failed to keep America behind the war. That will leave him the most reviled President in history when those nuclear bombs start to drop, since it is becoming more and more obvious that he has merely delayed the inevitable. I am not sure that is exoneration.


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