Sunday, July 06, 2008

Vermont Is For Lovers, Liberal Judges, Pedophiles And Stupid Parents

by Doug Giles - July 5th, 2008 -

Sadly, a freshly dead or severely wounded pervert was not the story we all got crammed into our faces this week but rather another 85lb cute little girl, namely Brooke Bennett of Vermont, who was found in a shallow grave with the alleged culprits being her way-too-creepy uncle (who happened to have a kidnapping and rape prior) and her satanic ex-stepdad who was part of a local sex ring.

This is one of those articles that cause me anguish about who to be mad at. Certainly it is an article that makes me want to rage at the recent Supreme Court refusal to allow the death penalty for child rapists. How these arrogant robed tyrants can rationalize their defense of these perverts is simply beyond my understanding. I also want to scream at mothers who forgive their relatives for sexual perversion and allow them to hang around their children.

I wonder what relationship there was between the mother having a brother who had previously raped someone and her marrying a man who was a member of a satanic sex ring?

Well of course the Supreme Court has the solution to this. Let's just slap them on the wrist and let them out again. Typical of the revolving door criminal justice system the the Supreme Perverts have run for years.


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