Thursday, June 26, 2008

Take Back Our State Rally
w/ Bob Dole, Michael Steele, Pat McCrory

The pink pig (which represents legislative corruption and waste) was sitting proudly outside the legislative building in Raleigh. It marked the site at which the Americans for Prosperity and Civitas Institute sponsored Rally to protest tax waste and individual corruption (which has become endemic to our state) was to be held. More than a century of one party rule by Democrats has left North Carolina with a worse reputation than Louisiana once had.

As I arrived, Matt Mittan's producer, Agnes Cheek (below right) was setting up the booth from which they were already broadcasting. Agnes flipped back and forth from controlling the microphones to placing the signs and did it all with ease.

Further down the row of booths, Bill Lumaye was interviewing one of the luminaries of the event, GOPAC Chairman Michale Steele (below second from left). I met Michael a couple of years back and covered one of his amazing speeches. Michael is one of the future stars of the Republican Party. While I was there, a group of people started chanting Vice President . . . Vice President . . . hoping that Michael would be considered by John McCain for that position. It got so noisy that Bill had to comment about what was happening so the radio audience could understand the interruption.

After Michael finished his interview, Dr. Ada Fisher (below right) newly elected GOP National Committee Woman came up to introduce herself. Both are strong conservatives, but considering the malicious attacks they endure in the black community, they still are supportive when a black conservative does well in our party.

Jim Miller (below left) National President of Americans for Prosperity was being interviewed by Curtis Wright (center below) of the Big Talker.

When I got back to the Matt Mittan booth, Mayor Pat McCrory (below right) was being interviewed.

Shortly, Senator Bob Dole (below left) came by. I got a chance to meet him for the first time and exchange a few words. I still feel he is the best man who ever ran for President except for Ronald Reagan. I don't know how many people remember but his leadership skills were legendary. He is the longest serving majority leader in the history of the U.S. Senate. He is also the longest serving minority leader in the history of the U.S. Senate. The combination of these two historical periods tells you just how long he held the respect of his colleagues in this group of egotistical people. He is one of America's greatest leaders ever.

Pat McCrory was still on the air when Agnes started setting Bob up, but Pat seemed more interested in meeting Bob than continuing his interview.

I was standing by the speakers that monitored the show so I got to listen to a lot of what they said. Pat and Bob are both impressive representatives of Republican leadership for which the party is noted.

Away from the radio booths, the Craig Woolard Band (below) kept up a constant stream of beach rock and roll for which they are famous. After a while the organizers brought out the free Bar-B-Que and fried chicken which had been advertised.

The crowd looked to be quite close to the 1,000 people the organizers claim had signed up. It was definitely a large group.

As they started getting ready for the evening speeches, I ran in to Chuck Stires (below left), one of the Republican candidates for the NC House, in conversation with Mayor Pat McCrory.

It was, all in all, a great Rally! Civitas and Americans for Prosperity can be proud.


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