Thursday, June 26, 2008

Take Back Our State Luncheon

The second luncheon this day was for planned attendees of the "Take Back our State" Rally. Held at at different hotel, everyone had to rush from one event to the other, since there was no break. The second luncheon started an hour after the first. Pat Tarbell (below left) and Cathy Heath (below right) were there registering the attendees to the second luncheon and making everyone feel at home.

This is not a regular event so attendance comparison is not possible, but it was a very good crowd.

As I wandered around, I got a chance to meet people from all over the State of North Carolina. These folks (below) are from two different counties at the the west end of the state.

Jeff Mixon (below) of Civitas repeated his role as master of ceremonies.

Bob Pruett (below right) a Marine Veteran from Carteret County, was asked to lead us in the pledge of allegiance.

Dallas Woodhouse
(below) of Americans for Prosperity - North Carolina - welcomed people to the luncheon and talked about the Rally that was going to happen later in the day.

Jim Miller (below) National President of Americans for Prosperity welcomed people to the event they were hosting and talked about a recent rally held in California.

The crowd was treated to a review of the Civitas Poll results by Francis DeLuca (below) President of Civitas Institute

Two local talk radio hosts, Curtis Wright (left below) of "The Big Talker" and Matt Mittan (below right) of "The Matt Cave" provided analysis and commentary on the poll results.


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