Friday, July 04, 2008

Plasma, LCDs Blamed For Accelerating Global Warming

by Staff - July 3rd, 2008 - ABC News

Almost half of the televisions sold around the globe so far this year have been plasma or LCD TVs.

But this boom could be coming at a huge environmental cost.


"We haven't observed it in the atmosphere. It's probably there in very low concentrations," he said.

"The key to whether it's a problem or not is how much is released to the atmosphere."


This article, with its bold headline, says everything you need to know about the contributions of the MSM to the man is causing global warming debate. The media are stupid and useless.

Essentially someone said it might be a problem so automatically we have to start having government measure it and of course it is assumed to be "Accelerating Global Warming" even though no studies have been done. The next time you read some MSM article claiming the issue of whether man is causing global warming is settled science, remember this article and its headline.

I have a question. How can anyone be stupid enough to believe this headline?



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