Saturday, June 28, 2008

Delahunt’s Zinger

by "The Prowler" - June 27th, 2008 - The American Prowler

Democrats during the hearing never once inquired whether any of the interrogation techniques used against terrorists had produced important intelligence for use against the enemy.

"You have to understand, guys like Delahunt, really all of the Democrats here, don't care about winning the war against the terrorists, or keeping us safe. They might have cared after 9/11, but now they are ruled by the radical left. All they care about now is putting the Americans who put in place the policies that have kept us safe for seven years on trial. The terrorists just don't matter to this crowd," says a former Department of Justice lawyer.

And yet as noted in the article, not a single Republican criticized Delahunt for his suggestion that Al Qaeda harm an American official. We are at war. Democrats are more concerned about power than about America. They cheer our enemies and encourage them to kill Republicans. When are Republicans going to understand that this is war and the enemy is not just Al Qaeda, but by their own choice, the Democrats.

Democrats keep insisting that nobody better question their patriotism. Okay. How about if I simply say they are evil.


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